Yooooo! The title, “YOU,” comes from two tracks entitled “You” off of U.K. producer Gold Panda’s album Lucky Shiner. A few members of the She-Bomb crew chill and smoke shisha on Sundays (Shisha Shunday!), and for a while our choice background music was Lucky Shiner. We found the second “You” (the first song on this playlist) particularly moving and thought-provoking. The chorus is a repeat of a drawn-out, intimate “you” set to a melancholic yet dreamy melody. Which “you” could this wistful singer be referring to?


I really liked JuJuBean’s interpretation of this song: A person walks down the same street at the same time and sees the same person walking on the other side of the street every day. He/She has fallen in love with this person, but since he/she doesn’t know the name of this anonymous stranger he/she can only refer to him/her as “you.”


Anyways, the rest of the songs were added to complement these “You’s” in either content or sound. The vibe is super mellow, at times a little “luv sic.” This is my first attempt at making an 8-Tracks playlist…and I hope you enjoy it! I would also love to hear your interpretation of “You,” just reply below in the comment box.