Writer Bios

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Marc Daalder–-  Former Editor-in-Chief, Contributing Writer
Marc Daalder ’18 is a History major and, in his free time, a freelance writer and organizer in the Amherst United Left. In addition to AC Voice, he has been published in the Financial Times, the Chicago Reader, In These Times, and The Mary Sue.

Frank ThumbnailFrank Tavares–- Former Editor-in-Chief, Contributing Writer
Frank Tavares ’18 grew up in San Diego, CA and has lived in Brasilia and New Delhi, India. He enjoys contemplating the universe from both scientific and artistic standpoints, which is why he is an English and Astronomy double major with a love of theater.

Natalie Jones – 
Contributing Writer                                         Natalie Jones ’17 is an Environmental Studies and Mathematics double major. She is a half-Malaysian, half-American Third Culture Kid who whole-heartedly loves leopard sharks. Follow her on instagram at @nataliejoneshk if you enjoy posts with cliché travel hashtags and excessive emojis.

14051768_10154573698844155_2393801067009965040_nAbby Shah–- Contributing Writer
Abby Shah ’18, fondly known as Liminal Carrot, is an aspiring social theorist who specializes in sociological issues. He loves to write political pieces, satire, and book reviews. Abby can be found smoking pensively outside Val and/or reading furiously in the Val common room.

Cami ThumbnailCamila Dominguez–- Contributing Writer
Camila Dominguez ’18 is a potential film major, though if you ask her family, she is majoring in something practical that will prepare her for the competitive 21st century job market.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 09.05.05Noor Qasim–- Contributing Writer
Noor Qasim ’18 is an English major, member of Mr. Gad’s House of Improv, has interned for The Common, and is an active member of the theater community. She grew up outside Chicago.

Eunnie Lee–- Contributing Writer
Eunnie Lee ’18 is a potential throw-your-own-thing-together major with a concentration in language interpretation and translation. She loves music and creative writing and is (as of the construction of this bio) the only bassoonist in the orchestra.

Sharline Dominguez –- Contributing Writer
“Celebrate love wherever you are in the world.” Sharline Dominguez ’17E is an American studies major, a Multicultural Resource Center fellow, a Frost Library Student Assistant, and the Lead Ambassador for the Quest Scholars Network.

Siraj Sindhu–- Generation Progress Liaison, Former Contributing Writer
Siraj Sindhu ’17 climbs trees and drinks teas, and also studies LJST, English, and Critical Theory in his spare time. Last fall, he studied in Berlin, where he spends his time thinking about socialist utopia and dancing to techno music.

Jane Berrill–- Former Copy Writer, Former Contributing Writer
Jane Berrill ’16 is majoring in Art History and Political Science and is a member of the Amherst water polo team. She likes her clothes how she likes her coffee — black. She’s also a cat person and is convinced that this means something, but she does not know what.

Liya Rechtman –- Founder, Graduated Advisory Council and Contributing Writer
Liya Rechtman ’14 is ConstantLy Evolving. For now, she is AAS Chief of Staff and student representative on the faculty orientation committee. Liya is a Religion and English double major writing a thesis on Christian Zionism.

Gina Faldetta–- Former Editor-in-Chief and Contributing Writer
Gina Faldetta ’16 is a Sexuality, Women’s and Gender Studies and Economics double major. She doesn’t vote for men and only listens to Sonic Youth songs with Kim Gordon vocals.

Anna Seward –- Graduated Social Media Editor and Contributing Writer
Anna Seward ’14: “wherever she went, including here, it was against her better judgment.” Anna is a former president of Women’s Chorus and works at the Frost Library. She is majoring in English and music.

Charlie Gill –- Former Contributing Writer
“Welcome to the layer cake, son.” Charlie Gill ’16 is an English major, lacrosse player, and an Athletic Team Engagement Leader.

Matt Randolph –- Former Contributing Writer
Matt Randolph ’16 is a Historian-in-Training (HIT), a traveler, an activist, and an unapologetic fanboy of superhero comics and films. He is the Co-Chair for Pride Alliance and a Diversity Intern for the Amherst College Office of Admission. Matt is majoring in History and Spanish.

Petey Suechting –- Graduated Contributing Writer

Evelyn Ting -– Former Contributing Writer
“Exploring in a dimension of time and space,” Evelyn Ting ’17 is double majoring in Computer Science and Anthropology. She is also a member of orchestra and the mixed martial arts club.

James H. -– Graduated Editor-in-Chief and Contributing Writer

Craig Campbell -– Founder, Graduated Advisory Council and Contributing Writer
Craig Campbell ’15 is an Architectural Studies and Mathematics double major. He spends most of his time thinking about the theoretical condition of space, or dancing himself clean.

Marie Lambert -– Graduated Fiction Editor and Contributing Writer 
Marie Lambert ’15 is an English major, AAS senator, and occasional sleeper. She has a lot of feelings about etymology, breakfast for dinner, and Keefe Campus Center. Has been known to appreciate a good dad joke.

Ethan Corey -– Graduated Head of ACV Investigative Team and Contributing Writer
Ethan Corey ’15 thinks writer bios that try to be funny or clever are usually just tacky, probably including this one. He manages AC Voice Investigates, and has written for a number of publications, including In These Times, Voice Male, The Indicator and the Amherst Student.

Annalise Nurme -– Graduated Graphic Designer 
Annalise Nurme ’15 is an English and Art major, and a former editor for The Amherst Student and The Indicator. She loves fruit smoothies and the outdoors, and plans to work at a design firm.

Sophia Salazar -– Former Contributing Writer
Sophia Salazar ’18 is an at-large member of the AAS Sexual Respect Task Force, and a tutor for A Better Chance (ABC). She doesn’t have a set major yet, but she has a few years to figure that out.

Lilia Paz -– Former Contributing Writer
Lilia Paz ’16 is a junior European Studies major. She’s involved in La Causa, CAB and works in the Emily Dickinson Museum. She loves tea, avocados and Damien Rice.

Paul GramieriFormer Contributing Writer
Paul Gramieri ’17 is a sophomore majoring in math. In addition to writing for AC Voice, he plays the cello in the Amherst Symphony Orchestra, is a member of Amherst’s Water Polo team, and enjoys fine dining. When not studying German or Chinese, he can be found eating pita chips and watching old episodes of Modern Family.

Grace Brotsker – Former Copy Writer
Grace Brotsker ’16 is an LJST and English double major. She likes Thai food, feminist prose, and angry girl music of the indie rock persuasion.

Katherine Stanton – Former Contributing Writer

Katherine Stanton ’18 is a prospective English major interested in traveling. She likes to play frisbee with Sparkle Motion and work on the Book & Plow farm.

Tommy Raskin — Former Contributing Writer
Tommy Raskin ’17 is a history major and a member of the Amherst Political Union.

Lola F. –- Former Editor-in-Chief, Former Contributing Writer, Former Social Media Editor, Former Peer Editor