Can You Tell I’m Losing Sleep?

I really dig this band. They are this perfect blend of upbeat and exuberant cut with an undertone of the seriously mournful. Their songs are surprisingly intimate (especially on second or third listen) and the video for “Can You Tell,” off the group’s debut full length album, The Rhumb Line, reflects the quaintness and approachability of their sound.

The video is ripe with clever camera angles (note their nervous anticipation viewed from behind the tiny door peephole) and follows the progression of the song quite effortlessly. The awkwardness of the bright flowers strewn across the darkened snow suited the sound perfectly, and I noticed that when this band makes a video, all of the members go through the exact same ritual. Maybe its campy to have each of the six band-mates take turns walking up to the same door, but I like the effect. So often you see videos where the group will split up to do different actions, but here they all walk down the same sidewalk, each just as vulnerable as the next. And you have to admit it’s fucking cool when the drummer (Gabriel Duquette) takes his turn and knocks on the door as though it were a drum set. So while it might not be the deepest video ever, I love it for its simplicity and the honesty that I get from these guys. I believe their tentative feet-scuffling and hair-rearranging as they wait for….for who? The message is universal, and I can always get into a band that doesn’t try too hard to make something more than what it is. “My bed’s too big for just me” – those are simple words and a simple sentiment, but I get it. And Wes Miles’ adorable pop-punk voice just makes the melancholy of it all just seem a little bit….sweeter.