Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s day sheBOMBers! I’ve promised myself not to wallow this year even though I am (gasp!) single. Why? (no, not the Hallmark-captialism argument we’re all sick of…) But, because, despite the glaring lack of a romantic lover in my life, I have quite a bit of love surrounding me.

Example one: My parents.

My mom and dad have provided me with the most amazing example of love in my life. I know that not everyone has had the still-madly-in-love-with-each-other-30-years-in kind of parents. I couldn’t be luckier. They’ve taken that love and shown me what I have to hope for in the future, and more than that, they love ME so much. Even if your parents hate each other’s guts, I guarantee they’d be by your sick bed if you needed them. They busted their butt in some way or another to make you a functioning human being–and that’s love. Way more love than a dozen red roses from some person you might not be dating next February.

They're just adorable all the time :)

You should have seen these two in Cologne. It was adorable. They found out what a love bridge was, and HAD to put their lock in there with the rest of them. (if you don’t know, lovers write their name on a lock, lock it to the bridge, and throw out the key symbolizing the eternity of their love). My dad asked sarcastically, “Honey, are you sure? this means its really forever.” My mom joked, “Oh, jeez. Hadn’t thought of that. That’s a lot of commitment. I don’t know…haha” Just seeing how sure they are of each other is inspiring. And they wanted each of their three daughters to throw a key to the lock into the Rhine river, bringing us into their love. It was really special. I don’t need a lover to know I’m loved.

The locks covered the entire bridge

Example two: My friends.

My friends are fantastic people. They check on me when I’m sad, laugh with me when we want to be silly, and they have taught me so much of what sacrifice and selflessness mean (granted I’m not as good a student as they are an example…) My friends are the people who have made Amherst such an amazing awakening. They’ve been there for me when I’m down, when I’m sick, when I’m selfish. You name it, they’ve supported me through it. That kind of friendship–the kind of friendship I’ve found here–is filled with love. And that’s the kind of love I want to celebrate this year (maybe in an unValentine’s day celebration in our very favorite Valentine hall with some brews?? mmmm you know Val’s gonna cook up something special!)

Despite the ups and downs of romantic love in my life, my friends have been there. And we care for each other. Ever night I go out I wind up sleeping over in my friend’s room, just because we like to be around each other. I moved a tooth brush into her bathroom so I could stay there. I wake up every Thursday and Sunday morning and we laugh about the stupid stuff we did the night before. That’s love!

Even if you do have a romantic lover in your life right now (whooo! Makin’ babies!) you should still take the time to tell all the special people in your life that you love them. Because it’s time to reclaim Valentine’s day rather than just whine about Hallmark and capitalism, blah blah blah.









While searching for “love” featured pictures, Google suggested that I search “emo love wallpaper” instead. haha (among other gems)

this is what came up.