Girls vs. Boys

Hello dear friends,

This week I will be adding music as well, but my theme is not quite so cool as Dre’s juicy popsicle playlist preceding mine. My playlist is more of a….. lets say juxtaposition. Since I can remember, whenever I listen to music, I am allllll about the vocals.

If only my mouth was that big....

I love comparing the unique voices in my favorite songs. As far as I’m concerned, (musical purists sue me for this) all the instrumentation is just support for the awesome sounds coming out of human throats. That said, as I’ve thrown myself headfirst into music discovery this summer, I have inevitably revisited the age-old question – are boy or girl singers more appealing to listen to?
Hell yea I just put a Glee picture in here.

Its a question I’ve gone back and forth on countless times, finding tremendous examples in support of both sides. In the end, it only took a look at my favorite bands to see what I truly loved. Short (and a cop-out) answer: I love duets. I love bands with both male and female lead vocals. The sound of one voice subtly supporting the range of the other tends to give me shivers. Long answer: Check out this playlist I just made.

24 Songs – 8 All Female, 8 Combination Vocals, 8 All Male (note – many of the songs are from varying genres, and there is a total mix of slow and fast songs.)

Happy Hump Day!