Dre’s Summer Sights & Sounds

Summer is the greatest season of the year for the following three reasons:

1) It is socially acceptable to wear minimal amounts of clothing. Booty shorts? I think yes.
2) No classes or homework which means that you can actually chill the eff out when you have free time!
3) My birthday is in July (and this year is extra special cuz’ I’m turning 21).

To supplement your enjoyment of this glorious season I’ve created a playlist that captures (some) sounds of summer. I’ve also added some pictures from my first summer living in a city, D.C to be exact, and my weekend adventure to Richmond, VA, my first time in “the South.”

Cute kids at D.C.’s Eastern Market sipping on some lemonade, a top-rate summer beverage.
Taking a stroll in a quaint D.C. neighborhood.
Chilling on the James River.
Hunting for ducks.
Roaming Hollywood Cemetary in Richmond.

Surprise Hotel by Fool’s Gold
Sunshowers by M.I.A.
Pussy by Brazilian Girls
Marathon by Tennis
White Sky by Vampire Weekend
Souls of Gold by Sister Crayon
All Summer by Kid Cudi, Best Coast and Rostam of Vampire Weekend
Hold Your Hand by The Beatles
Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare by Matt & Kim
I Feel It All by Feist
I’ve Never Found A Girl (Who Loves Me Like You Do) by Al Green
Amour Du Sol by Yelle