The First Annual AC Voice Guides Week: An Introduction

The staff of AC Voice welcomes you to the First Annual AC Voice Guides Week: seven days of helpful tips to resources here in Amherst College and in the town of Amherst. If it weren’t for a little help from your friends here at AC Voice, these aspects would be difficult to navigate. During Guides Week, which coincides with the First-Year and Transfer Student Orientations, each member of our staff will publish a brief post sharing their expertise on a certain feature of Amherst. This might include tips to spaces and places, events, or general experiences that are genuinely good to seek out, in order to ensure that all students can benefit from them.

If you’d like more information on the complexities of being a student at Amherst, check out what an amazing group of students has put together:

Noor Qasim ’18: Amherst Coffee Shops 

Lola F. ’17: Black Hair Care in Amherst, “Head Games”

Katherine Stanton ’18: 5-College Center for the Study of World Languages

Camila Dominguez ’18: Things That Don’t Matter

Frank Tavares ’18: Breaking the Bubble

Marc Daalder ’18: Engaging with Privilege 

Jane Berrill ’16: Vegetarian at Val