New Band: Night Beds

Nashville Musicians, Night Beds, just broke onto the scene with their self-titled 6-track EP. They have a kind of organic-ness to them which is a pleasure just to listen to. Somewhere in the amorphous sounds you can hear their love of nature and the sense of peace (despite clearly dealing with heart-ache) that pervades what I’ve been able to get my hands on from the up and coming album. There’s a flair of that good country influence, but with the strings and great vocals–there’s enough in there for those who aren’t country fans. Best yet (if you’re feeling down over the apparent destruction of Mediafire) you can get their music for free (with the band’s consent) here:

My favorite track on the album right now is “Wanted You in August.” (sorry–no sound cloud version for this one)

07 Wanted_You In August

There’s a lot to choose from among these piano based ballads. In short, they’re a beautiful pleasure amid the seas of florescent a-level monotony. Look forward to their album coming out sometime this year: Country Sleep.


Even if we Try:

Hope for everything that is not here:


Forest Devil:

You were afraid:

Enjoy my dearest sheBOMBers!