Songs for Slow Loris-ing

It’s Tuesday, which means yesterday was Monday, which also means that I have three more days of work until the weekend. Damn. Needless to say, I’m tired and a little bit cranky. But that’s OK because I have the perfect playlist, inspired by my spirit animal the slow loris, to slow loris to. So slow loris away! I’ll be slow loris-ing until Friday for sure.

My spirit animal, the slow loris.

Fun slow loris facts, courtesy of Wikipedia:

-Slow lorises are near-silent, slow-moving creatures whose defense tactic is to freeze and become docile.
-Slow lorises’ large eyes have a reflective layer, the tapetum lucidum, that is supposed to help them see when there’s a lack of light. Ironically, some believe that the tapetum lucidum actually blurs their vision as the reflection may interfere with incoming light. Sad.
-Slow lorises possess a toilet claw, a specialized claw or nail used for personal grooming, on the second toe of each foot.
-Slow lorises secrete nasty s*** from a gland on their arm. When mixed with saliva, it creates a noxious toxin that they store in their mouth. However, the toxin is not fatal…rather, it is quite mild.
-Slow lorises can cling to and suspend from branches for multiple hours without losing sensation because of a special network of capillaries in their hands and feet.

Cute Slow Loris #1
Cute Slow Loris #2

Playlist Tracks:

Far Nearer by Jamie xx
Sun In my Face feat. Blu & Jontel by J. Dilla
5 AM feat. K. Flay by SomethingALaMode
Banana Ripple by Junior Boys
Waltz No. 10 in B Minor, Op. 69 No. 2 by Frédéric Chopin, performed by Vladimir Ashkenazy
Balance by J. Cole feat. Sara Tavares
The Party & The After Party by The Weeknd
Infinite by Eminem
Blame Game by Kanye West & John Legend
we all try by frank ocean
Lynguistics by Cunninlynguists
Good Morning [Intro] by Kanye West
Reptilians by Starfucker
Act I: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge) by Jay Electronica