Students to Rally at Lord Jeff

UMass students rallying for divestment last year. Climate Camp will host a representative from the university's successful fossil fuel divestment campaign at a panel on Friday.

Student activists are planning a rally at the Lord Jeffrey Inn tonight at 7PM as part of a campaign supporting divestment from fossil fuels and private prisons.

The rally comes as the Direct Action Coordinating Committee and Amherst United Left host the Climate Camp on the first-year quad, a three-day event that kicked off yesterday with debates over climate change between organizers and representatives from the Amherst College Democrats and Republicans. Students are camping overnight on the quad and holding events each day in support of divestment.

Today, a soccer match and teach-in are planned on the quad before students march to the Lord Jeff, where the Board of Trustees is meeting over the next two days. The organizers will then hold an hour-long rally encouraging the board to divest and send three representatives to meet with the chair of the Board of Trustees, Cullen Murphy, and present their petition. The petition has garnered over 400 signatures since it was launched last week.