Amherst United Left Statement of Solidarity

Dear Amherst College students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni,

The Amherst United Left stands in solidarity with students of color protesting at Missouri, Yale, Ithaca, Claremont McKenna, and right here at Amherst College. As an organization founded on decidedly anti-racist principles, we deplore the violence leveled against people of color across the world, and support the movement to dismantle systemic racism. We also lament the administration’s unacceptable silence on issues of race both in the wider academic realm and in our own classrooms and residence halls.

The Amherst United Left supports the demands drawn up by student organizers today, and aspires to serve as a resource, space, and organizing platform for students who have experienced oppression and/or desire to call for systemic change on campus.

In solidarity,

Amherst United Left