AC Voice Appreciates: Resident Counselors

The very first day of college – more than a week before classes even begin – is a whirlwind of frantic and frightening activity. Everyone gets their ID cards and is moving into their dorms in the same two-hour period. Suitcases, stairs, hasty introductions. I had no idea what was going on, no clue as to where I should be headed next. Fortunately, however, my RCs did.

I met them both on the first day, and somehow they knew my name before I introduced myself – maybe they get a whole photo album of us and have to study it, I’m not sure. And for the first few weeks of school, when nothing else was certain, I always knew that my RCs would be there if I had a question about something on campus or if I just wanted to talk.

Thank God for RCs. They’re the first friends you get on campus. And unlike all the other friends you make during Orientation, you don’t have to worry about saying something weird and scaring them away – it’s their job to be your friend.

And they also help build a real sense of community. It’s kind of like everyone in the dorm has the same mutual friends, and when these mutual friends are also in charge of tea time and other such events, they can really bring people together.

Now, I’m speaking entirely from my own experience, and maybe this isn’t a shared experience for first-years on campus. So a special shoutout to the Pratt 2nd Floor RCs, Ruben and Kristy. You guys have been awesome this year, you really rock.

In fact, all RCs rock, and it’s important to remember this. They are integral to building community and making life at Amherst livable. From organizing weekly tea time to calling the vomit cleanup crew at 4AM, RCs do a lot that we should be grateful for. Thank you RCs!