DKE Leaks 2014: “Suck or Walk”

Out of Amherst’s three fraternities, DKE has been the most vocal in taking the position that its members have been working on various sexual respect initiatives and more generally support women. This is not an entirely truthful statement. In fact, the DKE members speaking out against the fraternity ban have misrepresented their treatment of women to the campus community. While there certainly have been initiatives led by select brothers to support anti-violence campaigns, the fraternity has not changed its official “Pledge Information and Introduction” sheets.*

This evening, AC Voice received an anonymous email containing an alleged copy of this document. We have confirmed with DKE leadership that the document is, in fact, authentic. This collection of “sheets” is a 13-page document that DKE pledges are required to memorize in order to become full DKE members. The preface to the sheets reads: “You cannot possibly pass initiation if you don’t have even this minimal amount of information memorized and you are heartily encouraged to learn more.” The subsequent pages include an extensive history of past DKE presidents (called “beta”s), other notable members, the history of the fraternity, and various DKE laws.

We have included “highlights” from the sheets below, but you may read the document in full here. Please note also that we chose to redact the names of the current Amherst DKE brothers to protect their privacy.

A few sections particularly worthy of note with regard to DKE’s treatment of women (for those of you not inclined to read the entire 13 pages):

Number 18: Moore’s Requirement
Suck or walk.

Number 19: DMO’s Law
See some trash, pick it up.

Number 29: Nihira’s Postulate
If you can’t be with the one you love, take the bus to Smith.

Number 30: Booboo’s Addendum
Or stay at Amherst and ride the hein train.

Number 36: Seelbach’s Defense
I was blacked out.

Editor’s note: “hein” is short for heinous, or heinously unattractive women.

We provide minimal commentary on these “rules” in the interest of leaving this space open for discussion. While we have included the most glaring examples of misogyny above, we encourage you to review the document in its entirety and reach your own conclusions.

Please use this space to share your thoughts, keeping in mind the AC Voice comments policy.

*Clarification: The documents we have published are from this year and were used in the pledging process for the Class of 2017.

Update: A DKE spokesperson sent us the following statement to be found here.