I’m Voting for George Tepe


(Anna Seward)—At the start of these elections, I wasn’t sure what to make of George Tepe. I don’t know him that well personally and from someone who’s never been on the Senate floor he seemed, for lack of a better word, politician-y. Will Savino made it his goal from the beginning to appeal to the community as a man of the people and Tepe came off as more of a policy wonk. I thought Chris Friend was a healthy balance between the two (you can read his endorsement of Tepe here) so that’s who I voted for, but now that there’s a run-off I encourage you to join me in voting for George Tepe.

The thing is, when you look at Tepe’s record you can quickly see he’s already a man of the people. He’s always put student opinion first by constantly allowing for student opinion on school policy. He pushed for the Day of Dialogue and the five-college rally to end the culture of silence. Tepe is who I trust to hear students’ voices and implement our solutions. There’s more to gathering student opinion than listening, and Tepe has proved he’s adept at combining student government and the students themselves with real results.

I also think it’s important that Tepe is well-respected within the Senate. He’s led it well this past year as Vice-President and to really get his and our ideas anywhere, that relationship is crucial. I want experience from my AAS president and knowledge of the inner-workings of student government. If we want things to get done, that’s what we need most to insure efficiency.

Savino’s and Tepe’s platforms are fairly similar. Fixing alcohol policy, taking a closer look at residential life, continuing discussions of sexual respect; these are things you’ve heard from both of them. But Tepe has a clear vision for his presidency, something I think Savino is still struggling to compile. If things are truly going to change we need a leader who’s ready for the challenges of the job and the skill set to face them. Tepe has already put a lot of work into student government to great effect and I want him to be able to continue that work next year as our president.

In terms of this election, I think it really comes down to who can achieve the goals both candidates have been campaigning with. If you’ve voted for Savino because you find him personable and think he’ll listen to you, those things are true, but if you want efficiency I think you have to look at Tepe’s history in Senate and the change he has already wrought for this school. Tepe listens, Tepe supports, Tepe promotes change. So that’s who I’m voting for. I hope you’ll join me.