the not so regular…Regular Show

(Trash Boat)– Good Wednesday ACVoicers,

This week, I couldn’t seem to settle on a topic to write about. What truly interested me? What was so important that I felt I had to share it with the World Wide Web? Would it be about politics? Family? Religion? For whatever reason, I felt void of any inspiration.

So I turned on the TV.

And I changed the channel to Cartoon Network.

And that’s when it hit me: Regular Show! I must write about Regular Show.

For those of you who are already familiar with this marvelous cartoon, I salute you. And may you enjoy this tribute.

For those of you who haven’t heard about Regular Show, allow me to give you the low down. Regular Show is a cartoon about two best friends, Mordecai (a blue jay) and Rigby (a raccoon). They work as groundkeepers at a park. Along with a few friends (see picture below), Mordecai and Rigby stumble upon one magical misadventure after the next.

Here’s the crew from left to right: Rigby, Mordecai, Skips (their wise yeti friend), Benson (their jerk gumball machine boss), Pops (their sensitive, lollipop-shaped friend), Muscle Man (their stoner sometimes-friend-sometimes-enemy…aka frenemy), and Hi-Five Ghost (Muscle Man’s best friend, who also happens to be a ghost)

Mordecai and Rigby’s escapades can be about anything. In one episode, they challenge Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost to a two-on-two basketball game; in another episode, they come across a group of baby ducks, who then follow them around and mimic everything they do. Each episode generally ends with some sort of supernatural showdown, turning Mordecai and Rigby’s lame problems into epic crises.

If at this point you’re thinking, “I attend college now; I’m simply far too mature for such nonsense,” I say embrace the nonsense! Give your intellectual self a 30-minute break, and take yourself back to those perfect childhood Saturday mornings… There was a time when a bowl of Captain Crunch, and a good episode of Digimon were all I ever needed; I couldn’t imagine life getting any better than that. Now, I turn towards Val breakfast burritos and Regular Show for that same sense of childhood bliss.

So, to the skeptics, I hope you give Regular Show a chance. If you can love a sponge and starfish, and treasure their best-friendship, I’m sure you can do the same for a blue jay and a raccoon.

just two best friends
just two best friends

Your one and only,

Trash Boat

P.S. Want to know why my name is Trash Boat? The first two minutes explain it all: