In celebration of Spring Formal, Spring Concert, and just a fun weekend in general, I decided to lighten up all of this Amherst tension (elections and tipis and scandals, oh my!) with some of my favorite Saturday Night Live clips. The thing I love about SNL is that they make fun of anyone and everyone; they’re offensive across the board. There have been some complaints that they treat different groups of people with varying degrees of respect and consideration, but I am of the opinion that for good comedy to happen, lines must be crossed. It’s inevitable. Enough seriousness – on to the clips!

Come On, Dictionary!

Oh gosh. This one just kills me. It draws off of the style of the scathing “Really?” segment of Weekend Update that used to be performed by Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler, but I think Seth performs admirably on his own. Favorite line? “New Oxford American Dictionary, please stop rafing the English language!”

Down by the River!

Classic. I watch this whenever I need to be brought down a peg. So, like, 2-3 times a day.

Gap Girls

Noticing a trend? SNL has never seen and will never see a combo like David Spade and Chris Farley again. Period.


I put this clip up, but really all of the “Stefon” clips are among my favorites. Bill Hader pulls off creepy New York freak (for lack of a better word) with… style? I’m not sure we can call what’s he’s doing “style”, per se, but whatever it is, it’s hilarious. I also love that he can hardly ever pull off these skits with a straight face. Favorite line in this one? “No, it’s David Bowie.”

Debbie Downer

Maybe it’s just my pessimistic attitude, but I have to say, “Debbie Downer” is one of my all time favorite SNL sketches. I think it mostly has to do with Rachel Dratch’s face. Again, while it may not be “professional” to break character, I don’t think this clip would’ve been nearly as funny if the actors wouldn’t have lost it midway through.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these clips as much as I do! Have fun at Spring Concert tonight. It’s going to be Ludacris. #cheapludapuns


P.S. WordPress won’t let me embed the videos. Follow the links! I promise it’ll be worth it.