With the recent election scandal and general bad feelings that resulted we must not forget the positive contributions that the AAS makes to student life on campus.  Although they have, at least in my four years, been infamous for hosting mediocre spring concerts compared to other acts in the Valley, we have to remember the budgetary and space constraints that we are subject to at Amherst College.

That being said, by what I am sure was a miracle of God, this year (as you all already know) the AAS has managed to pull in none other than perennial all-star rapper and hip-hop mogul Chris Bridges AKA Ludacris.

If you are anywhere between the ages of 15 and 30, there is a good chance you have heard and danced the night away to one of his catchy hip hop collaborations or aggressively titled rap songs.  I still remember buying Red Light District like it was just yesterday.  Here are some of my top Luda Tracks to get you through the rest of the week and hype yourself up for Saturday night.

For the Gym:   


With your (wo)man:   


Rollin’ : 


~hungry J