I met Tania Dias the night she decided to run for President. I was at first just taken by her ideas. Tania wants to bring the student body back into discussions with Senate so we don’t feel awkwardly excluded from all of their (seemingly arbitrary) decision making. On a similar tact, she wants to bring faculty into closer connection with the student body. Did you know that at other schools faculty voice opinions on things other than hiring, tenure, and the flooding of Johnson Chapel? Tania has this plan to bring faculty into Val more often and get them interested in what goes on in the 22 hours that we’re not in class. She also wants to implement a programming device that she’s calling “Community Hour” on Fridays from 12-1 (aka while faculty are still around and no one has started pre-gaming yet) to host speakers/events etc that will engage all three groups, students, senators, and faculty, in dialogue.

As a key point for the more artistically minded she-bomb readers, Tania wants to add funding specifically for creative groups, specifically ones that bring in bands . I’m think WAHM, She-bomb… I don’t even know what else is out there because art-minded groups are SO poorly funded.

And she also has all this fun stuff! (The more I heard, the more excited I got.) She wants to do something she calls “re-orientation” for upperclassmen at the same time as freshman orientation. Let me just say, I came back as a sophomore for freshman orientation this past August and it was BOSS. Camp Amherst should be available to everyone. She also wants to have Amherst bring back some traditional stuff (here, when I was talking to her about it, she interrupted herself to smile and say “you know, like water gun fights and chillin at the bird sanctuary.” I was pleased.)

Only later did I realize that she was the only woman running… EVER.

I’m not really the type to care about what the AAS is doing except when they don’t give us snack funding for she-bomb staff meetings or even help us pay the annual fee to maintain our site. However, I felt like this was an opportune time to momentarily stick my head into the insular, generally self-involved community that is Amherst student politics and say something:

Vote for Tania because she’s different than every other candidate that has ever run for AAS President. No, I’m not talking about her gender; I’m referring here to her politics.

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Polls open Thursday… on your computer… So just do it because it’s not that hard and it could actually matter.