Katy Perry’s New Video Causes Bunnies to be Enraged

So, another celeb did something stupid at the absolute wrong time this week. Remember the officer that lost it and killed 16 Afghan civilians, women and children included? Maybe he had just broken up with a girlfriend that gave him bubble baths. Maybe they had played with guns at the carnival. Maybe she worked in a cubicle, and he found that particularly distressing. Feast your eyes on this embarrassment:

I am all for women in the military, but Katy Perry’s portrayal of the combat experience in her new video is more offensive than any other in her nipple-whipped candy-coated repertoire. I don’t think there is a whole lot that can be more insulting than comparing women to food (cummon, covering your nipples with whipped cream is a fantasy for you? A model for young girls on how to seek pleasure for themselves? I think not), so it isn’t entirely an anti-fem video. However, it is definitely insulting to military men and women in the giddy, prideful, angst-ridden experience it portrays. Some advice: if you have just broken up with boyfriend, or if your pet snail died, or if you stubbed your toe, joining the Marine Corps probably isn’t what you really want to do. Arming a distressed, emotionally unstable (even temporarily) person with an automatic weapon is not what we want to do.

Also….what is with the Mulan boob-tying? Are you not allowed to apply to the Marine Corps while wearing women’s clothing and a real bra? Even a sports bra? Is she trying to go dressed as a man? If so, she forgot to remove the mascara.

Remember these? I'm pretty sure they don't giant colorful parachutes in basic training.

Also, joining the military is much more than lifting logs and lying on the beach in your pants. There is combat. There are enemies. There are those who take mascara-wearing as an invitation to sexually abuse you. It is not fun, it is a serious duty-type thing. If there is anyone, anyone in the military right now shooting people while pretending they are at the carnival, we are in trouble.

Usually I just get angry at sexist portrayals of women in music videos, but as an American I am POd at Perry’s irreverence. But let’s be real––she shakes her booty on command…who is really responsible for this?