Got the Windows Down, Radio’s On

If you follow us on twitter (you should) then you know that Wiz Khalifa has just dropped his new mixtape Taylor Allderdice.

Wiz is one of my all time favorite rappers or entertainers so I was highly anticipating it’s release a few days ago.  Apparently, so was everyone else because all the websites that released the mixtape Tuesday night crashed because of traffic overload! WTF. and hotnewhiphop both were devastated.  Needless to say I stuck around searching the depths of the interwebs instead of writing my Dao of Sex paper in order to get a piece of the Wiz action.

*side note: that Dao of Sex paper was brutal to write, but any time you can include “vaginal secretion” in a paper and get away with it, it is a win in my book.  Gross, I know, but hilarious nonetheless.  Check out some Li Yu in your free time. I fucks with his book The Carnal Prayer Mat.

Anyways, the mixtape seems to be a response to backlash over Wiz’s last album, Rolling Papers, which despite its title got away from Wiz’s classic stoner rap sounds and chill beats that made him famous.  The good news is that Taylor Allderdice is closer to the sound of his previous mixtape Kush and Orange Juice which set the standard for Wiz and many others in terms of his unique sound.

The mixtape makes a clear statement that Wiz is not a pop rapper and that Rolling Papers was an experiment with a new label that was merely a broadening of his horizons in terms of his sound.  He is still doing what he does best, and encourages fans to see his career as a long journey that is just getting started, rather than a series of individual albums/mixtapes.

I highly recommend the new album for chilling out over spring break and relaxing in the sunshine. If you are high as balls like Wiz is most of the time and certainly while recording his tracks, that might help too.  If that doesn’t float your boat, not to worry, Wiz’s sound is pleasing all the same.

Happy Thursday,

Hungry J