Slavery in the 21st Century

I’m not sure if this has made mainstream media outlets just yet, but I ran into on Yahoo so I decided to look in to it because it seemed to ridiculous to be true.  From what I can tell from this preliminary research, the following headline is legit:

“Mansion Servant Enslaved by Uber-Rich New York Family for Nearly Six Years”


Really America?!

Despite the fact that the ‘uber-rich’ George family lived in a 34 room home that came in at a whopping 30,000 square feet, the individual in question (who is refered to only as V.M. to protect her identity) was forced to live in a closet for the 67 months she worked for the family.  To make matters worse, she earned only .87 cents an hour but was forced to work 17 hour days 7 days a week.  That added up to a measly $29,000 for 5 years of full-time work slavery forced labor.

Did I mention she was denied healthcare, sick leave, and personal days?

The good news is that, due to a recent tip by National Human Trafficking Resources  Center, US immigration agents removed V.S. from the New York property and investigated the matter.  She is allegedly owed over $200,ooo in back wages for the work she did over her miserable stay in the home, during which she was encouraged to lie and say she was only ‘staying at the George house as a guest.’  The Georges knew that any reference to work would raise criminal accusations.

The world is still CRAY

Stay free and safe my friends,


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