Rick Santorum is pissed.  Obama wants everyone to go to college, and to Santorum that means…actually I’m not quite sure what it means, he lost me at “What a snob!”

Okay, this might be what he means:

In reveling in higher education, Santorum seems to think that Obama is saying some lives (i.e. of educated people) are of more consequence than others (i.e. uneducated laborers). I’m pretty sure that’s not what Obama means when he says everyone should have access to a college education. What Obama proposes is that education should be an option for as many people as possible- whether or not they choose to engage in it is of course, rooted in their own initiative. But it should, at the very least, be accessible to all people, regardless of race, class, and so on.

I’m also fairly certain Santorum is confusing higher education with totalitarianism, comparing it to some sort of fascist indoctrination of the masses in the ‘image’ (so-called) of their leader (Obama). It’s also pretty strange that he would say such things when he himself attended Penn State, U.Pitt and Dickinson Law. So… is he admitting that he is just as ‘indoctrinated’ by the same liberal rhetoric he so adamantly derides? Now, it’s quite possible that he had just watched Triumph of the Will before making this speech, but I’m practically-wait, definitely- positive that this is not at all what education does. I may be biased, of course, coming at you from a liberal arts school in predominantly liberal Amherst, Mass with two parents in the Buffalo Public School District.

I get that he’s trying to gather a following, and I also get that he’s trying to give attention to the ‘types’ of people who may or may not have received as much attention in this country. But in doing so he’s actually limiting those same people to what he implies to be an inferior status, not to mention shutting himself off from other hordes of potential voters who are ‘snobby’ enough to want an education for themselves and those around them.

All in all, I’m not exactly sure what Santorum’s message is supposed to be, but I do know it’s going to cost him some votes.