The other day I saw something that made me absolutely furious. Almost inexplicably so. I don’t know if it was simply because the action was so disrespectful, because it was completely unnecessary, or because I knew the victim personally. Anyway, I’ll stop being vague and fill you in.

Picture Val during a relatively busy lunch time. Students are hustling to and fro without watching where they’re going, lines trail out of the servery and into the entryway, Val workers hurry around frantically, trying to serve everyone. Enter Mr. Burberry Button-Down Sweater (note: this is not the subject’s real name – it’s what I decided to call him in my head). I’m standing at the dessert counter getting my rhubarb berry crumble on and chatting with one of the managers I had worked with before – let’s call him Joe.

Now, Joe is asking me how I’ve been as he gets another tray of dessert to set out, seeing as one of the containers in empty. Out of nowhere, Mr. Burberry Button-Down Sweater has an urgent, urgent question! It simply cannot wait one more second! It could be, dare I say it, a matter of life and death! So he snaps his fingers to get Joe’s attention. He snaps.

I'm pretty sure this is how my face looked.

I am surprised by the way Joe takes this obvious rudeness in stride, but he simply turns to Mr. Burberry Button-Down Sweater and asks him what he needs. Mr. Burberry Button-Down Sweater asks if there is pepperoni in the salad that he clearly wants more than he cares about the feelings of others. Joe replies that the placard in front of the salad says that it does have pepperoni in it, but that’s just not quite enough to convince Mr. Burberry Button-Down Sweater. He replies, “Are you sure?” Yes. Joe was sure. I left.

I’m not saying that Mr. Burberry Button-Down Sweater’s obvious lack of manners and respect for the food service industry came from his equally obvious privilege. I’ve seen lots of low-income students be rude to Val workers as well. I don’t know how this has become the norm in society. I really don’t. I guess I just wrote this post to let you know that I don’t think it’s okay. At all. Don’t do it. Also, don’t ask stupid questions. Val doesn’t put the wrong ingredients on placards just to screw with people. Promise.