R.I.P Whitney Houston

As if spending the last 7 hours in my room trying to figure out what the fuck I am going to write for my religion comps (due Monday at 5 btw) wasn’t sad enough, imagine my despair when on ESPN (weird) the commentators for the game I was watching while procrastinating announced that Whitney Houston was dead.

At the young age of 48, no less.

Pretty devastating right?

Although the end of her career was darkened by struggles with drugs and alcohol as well as her disastrous, sometimes comical, relationship with ex-husband Bobby Brown, we cannot forget the amazing vocal achievements that she accomplished despite her personal battles.

In her long, successful career, Houston amassed  2 Emmies, 6 Grammies, 30 billboard Awards, and 22 AMAs.  She is even the most awarded female act of all time, according to Guinness.

In honor of one of the greatest singers I’ve ever heard in my lifetime, I give you one of her all-time best tracks:

It seems that whenever a famous person dies, there is an outrageous response to their passing on the internet.  Their name starts trending on Twitter, students post about them on blogs reels, people update their status with songs, images, etc..  I have to wonder how much of it for show and just to get in on the action versus actual sadness.

I will confess, I am not ‘sad’ that Whitney passed.  Not because I am insensitive or an asshole, or think death is no big deal.  But rather because of the reality that I, and most of the other people ‘mourning her death’ on the internet etc.. never even came close to really knowing her.  I mean I am certainly not happy about it and I obviously have sympathy for her friends and family, but I imagine myself celebrating her life (in her honor) instead of mourning her death.  I personally did not suffer a loss if I really think about it.

I hope you know what I mean… maybe I am insensitive but I think what I’m saying is fair, and rational.  Death is scary, unfortunate, and sad.  But there’s something strange to me about people blowing up my Facebook news feed about their tears for a person they don’t know and can’t really care about that deeply.  Again, I am all for celebrating life and honoring legendary careers.  I just don’t get as bent out of shape over celebrity deaths as the average American.