Down Home

I’ve decided to do something different this week and talk about some songs. Now, I’m no music major, and I’m not even a music enthusiast really. For me, lyrics are everything. Every song should tell a story, and how much I like the song will depend on how much I can relate with what the lyrics have to say. All I can tell you about a song is whether or not I like it, so don’t expect any in-depth analysis. Here we go.

Fancy – Reba McEntire

This is a story about a girl who works to raise herself above her circumstances. It’s not hard to figure out why I relate to it. It’s like my life (minus the extreme poverty and hinted-at prostitution, of course). Really though, it tells a story of triumph and hope in spite of desperation and hardship. Who wouldn’t be behind that?

Moments – Emerson Drive

I like this song because it reminds me that I don’t know every single person’s circumstances. It keeps me from giving in to that feeling of superiority that tends to press down on me when I come back home after a semester at Amherst.

I’m Alright – Jo Dee Messina

This song reflects how I feel most of the time. What can I say? “I’m in the middle where money gets tight, but I guess I’m doing alright”.

Redneck Yacht Club – Craig Morgan

This song is basically a playful jab at the upper crust. It amuses me. It also manages to impart a feeling of closeness and community that isn’t nearly as strong at Amherst as it is in my hometown. There are benefits to diversity, but it can also lead to isolation, so it’s nice to come back where I belong every once in a while.

Amarillo Sky – Jason Aldean

This song hits especially close to home, seeing as I live on a small, sesquicentennial family farm. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult for small farms to compete with their thousands-of-acres counterparts without going under or being swallowed up. It might be more efficient to farm that way, but it doesn’t make it seem any less bleak when it might happen to the land you grew up on. Oh, and I got to see Jason Aldean sing this live at UMass last year. Winning.

Now, I know this list has been completely country-music based (which isn’t too strange, considering the fact that every other station on the radio here is country/western, and I’ve been binging on it since I’ve been home), so I’m sorry if it’s not your thing. Feel free to leave some songs relating to economic instability/hardship from other genres in the comments!