One of the Many Reasons Why

(Ethan Gates)– As the results of the Iowa Republican caucus trickle in, I would just like to post a favorite old “West Wing” scene to explain how I’m feeling right now.

George Orwell once said that a cliché is a statement we use when we want to avoid critical thinking. No one in politics, no matter what side of the aisle, is immune from them. But as the 2012 presidential election finally enters the stage where things start to matter, let’s just hope that we can all avoid clichés and have an intelligent, informed debate on the issues. It is perhaps a vain hope, but the day we stop trying altogether is a dark one indeed, because no matter what insults get tossed around, there is no shame in wanting to know things. Being engaged is a sign of caring about the world we live in, and all the other people who live there too.

Three to Think About: Idealistic Films About American Politics

1. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939)

2. All the President’s Men (1976)

3. Dave (1993)