Street Style

Spotted: Joey Meyer ’13 tending to the fire in Tyler.

        What’s he wearing?              

  •  Levi’s 51o brown trousers.
  • Let’s Hug It Out t-Shirt, layered with classic blue flannel, both can be found at Urban Outfitters.
  • Classic Vans, with some leather laces and plaid embellishment.
  • Cub Scout cap from the good old days.

Who says you have to get rid of your childhood clothes?                                                                       This cub scout hat is as authentic as it gets!

These shoes are great because they work well with a variety of colors and styles, but they’re not generic. They’re also great because the guy wearing them really loves them, and as we all know, it’s important to love your shoes. Check out what Joey has to say about his favorite shoes:

More on Joey’s Sartorial Sensibilities

Favorite thing in your closet?

“Me, until three years ago… it’s a joke.”

Favorite place to shop?

“Buffalo Exchange because you can get high end clothes for thrift store prices.”

Do you prefer trends on the East Coast or West Coast?

“I’m from LA and definitely prefer West Coast style. I love that weather is not a factor in getting dressed on the West Coast. I miss wearing shorts and high socks and being able to show off my cool t-shirts, without hiding them under a Northface.”

How would you describe your style?

“I don’t know. I don’t think that much about it. I like to wear what looks good on me. I like bright colors.”

What’s your favorite song right now? 


Get it? He’s trying to give you a hug… Because his shirt says, “Let’s Hug It Out?” See, isn’t that funny? I think it’s hilarious.

To see some more of Joey’s cool hats and how funny he really is, check out what he likes to do in his spare time: