hey sheBOMBers!! Today is TURKEY DAY! WHOOO! And yesterday the Christmas Markets open in my town (if you don’t know what this is do a google image search, it will be rewarding!!) I’m really excited for both of these things (thus the excessive exclamation points!!!!!!!!!), but that’s not the point of this post!! The point of this post is to share the lovely panoramas I’ve made so far from my trips to Gent and Antwerp.

One more thing…if you click on the picture it comes up larger and you can just have a slide show of all the images. This way you can actually see the panoramas. Otherwise they look very small with our site layout.

So, without further ado….

View from a 12th century castle over Ghent
This is the largest bridge in the world...with houses on it. It's been there since the middle ages, and that Church on the end, that's got a tunnel under it which is the entrance to the bridge. Pretty cool, huh?
Graslei and Kornlei -- it's a famous canal in Ghent. And it's gorgeous!!
The view of Antwerp's old town at night from across the Schelde

the view over Antwerpen from the really cool city museum!
Same view, plus sunlight.