Street Style

Spotted: Chris Porras ’12 at Keefe Campus Center

Chris is an English major and he just got back from a semester in Bologna. He’s going to share some style tips he picked up abroad, as well as some of his favorite fashion-related things.



What Chris is Wearing:

Gray Blazer, Shades of Griege

White T-Shirt, Diesel

Dark-wash Matchstick Jeans, Levi’s Capital E

Suede Oxfords, Hugo Boss

Army Green Satchel with leather embellishment and brass hardware, WILL









Favorite Place to Shop:


Favorite Brand:

Louis Vuitton

“…Especially for shoes and sunglasses. Everyone looks good in Luis Vuitton sunglasses.”

Favorite Artist on Your Ipod Right Now:



Least Favorite Thing About Fashion at Amherst:

Finals and midterms periods because of the increased amount of greasiness around campus. People don’t make any effort to look even the least bit presentable when work gets stressful and that’s unacceptable.

Style Tips from Italy:

Be conscientious about matching and color coordinating. The Italians love mixing blues and browns for men. A good way to incorporate this into your wardrobe is to wear regular blue jeans with brown shows.

The Italians are also big on not wearing socks with shoes… you can make up your own mind on that one, especially when it’s cold.