Spicy is the New Mild

This summer I developed a true and undying love for hot sauce. It started as a tabasco sauce addiction, but morphed into a respect so deep for Frank’s Red Hot that took me past the point of no return.

Now, when I say I put Frank’s Red Hot on everything, I mean everything. Potatoes, chicken, vegetables, eggs, sandwiches, etc. You name it, I at least tried it. It got to the point where I was planning out meals just so I could get my fix. While Val brought us both together, our natural chemistry kept our love going strong.

but actually...

Granted, I have a fairly addictive personality, but Frank’s Red Hot may have been the best discovery I ever made. It also has totally legitimate benefits.

First of all, it really does have the power to beat cravings. Even though I question the legitimacy of this doctor’s MD, some doctor whose name and location I forget used cayenne pepper (the active ingredient in Frank’s Red Hot Sauce) to kill his cravings… Every time he wanted to eat something sweet, he would do a shot of tabasco sauce. Sure there’s a potential of rotting your esophagus by doing shooters of Frank’s, but what are a couple ulcers from excessive use when you’ve lost ten pounds?

not sure why this came up multiple times when I googled shot of hot sauce...

Additionally, it’s got magical cleansing powers. If you’re feeling crafty, the classic “Laxative Herb Tea” with maple syrup, lemonade, and hot sauce has been known to really cleanse the system if you know what I mean… I’m sure this totally has to do with the mystical powers of cayenne pepper not the delectable mix of those three ingredients. omnomnom http://www.healthfree.com/raw_food_art_master.html

What do these three things have in common? Oh yeah, one hell of a 'cleanse'.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, it can make anything taste better. And that includes Val. My first real introduction to Frank’s Red Hot was in Val when I was trying desperately to find a better condiment (did anyone else get this word confused for condom when they were younger?) than mustard for my turkey sandwiches. Let me just reiterate: it is way better than mustard. So, whenever I was eating something delicious in val— think slimy chicken with faux grill marks and a layer of blubber it grew from sitting in a pot of water waiting for me to pluck it up— I would just smother my food in Frank’s Red Hot to really blow my taste buds out of the park.

looks like a home run to me

The nice thing was it made it easier to eat healthier. When things taste better aka you can’t really taste them at all because they are smothered in spicy things that just make you want to drink water, you’re more inclined to eat healthier things because they all taste like hot sauce.