“It’s Not For Women”

Got your attention? Good. I thought it would.

Isn’t that what advertising is supposed to do? Catch our attention with funny, racy, silly, or down right outrageous visuals and claims about the brands of products and services we love? Yes.  Anyone who watches TV or owns a computer is all to familiar with the mass-media marketing blitz that assaults our consumption-driven society.

Personally, my favorite part of the Super Bowl is commercials. DUH.  And the food. Ah-Ha! But what about the FOOD COMMERCIALS?! The best of both worlds.  You know soda has some of the greatest commercials of all time, and Coke is the man when it comes to brand name sodas.

Not to be outdone Dr. Pepper, part of the Coke conglomerate monster, launched a new ad campaign recently that has caught my eye….. take a look:

Now, I consider myself a Dr. Pepper fan AND a ‘man’s man’ by most definitions.  I even think the action movie parody is funny and pokes fun at guys who take their masculinity too seriously at times. I get it.


What’s that Dr. Pepper, a little gender discrimination to sell some soda at the end there? Ah… Perhaps (definitely) you’ve gone too far.

First of all, ten calories is a pretty negligible caloric value in terms of a real vs. diet soda cost-benefit analysis, so don’t pretend like your beverage is a novelty or anything other than another diet soda (Diet Dr. Pepper already exists, zero calories…. why the fuck do i want ten more)

Also,  I am pretty sure both men and women are equally concerned (or not concerned) with caloric intake, health, and body image issues.  I’ve seen men and women drinking regular soda and diet soda.

Furthermore, it is dangerous to suggest that women would or even worse SHOULD be counting ten calories meticulously, therefore barring them from consuming this soft drink.  I don’t need to get into it here, but we all know the kind of dark roads that can lead down.

Also, in terms of a purely economic argument, why would you EVER alienate half of the population that could potentially purchase this drink? I mean, don’t you want as many people as possible to buy your product? Its fucking soda, not beluga caviar…. you are not selling to a privileged, elite consumer market that will be further spurred into buying your product if you imply that it somehow makes them better or above people.

Unless you are assuming, Dr. Pepper marketing guy, that all men are as sexist and misogynistic as you and your asshole friends that dreamed up this commercial.

I’m here to tell you that this is not the case.  I think you are a bunch of jerks who made a questionable marketing decision that led to an offensive commercial that is pushing a BS product. I’m not gonna buy this soda.

In conclusion, WTF