Hello Everyone! A piece of news has reached SheBomb about an alum in need. In June Amit Gupta ’04, was  diagnosed with acute leukemia, a cancer characterized by growth of abnormal white blood cells in the bone marrow. A South Asian’s chance of finding a donor is 1 in 20,000—and with only a little less than a month left to help him (the doctor’s need to know if they have found a match by November 30), Amit is reaching out to the Amherst community for help.

The test (to see if you’re a compatible donor) involves a simple cheek swab and takes only 5 minutes.  To join the American Marrow registry, you simply have to apply for the swab kit (completely free) and agree to the terms and conditions. Also, compatible donors who are willing and able to donate will be awarded $30,000. I feel like I am writing my own spam advertisement, but based on the coverage on Wired and the fact that Amit and I have 14 friends in common on Facebook, this seems like a very potent use of social media by an intelligent (and rapidly wasting) Amherst grad. Lets show that the Amherst amity doesn’t end with “Shocktober”, as The Student so aptly named it. Amit was just like you 7 years ago, sitting in A level distracting himself with Youtube and refreshing Microsoft Outlook every 10 minutes. Help a brother out!


Wishing the best of luck to Amit,

The SheBomb Team