You could, of course, go as a cat (been there, done that) but where’s the fun if you look like every other college girl across America? And while Lady GaGa and Harry Potter are fun options, I try to be funny/original for this most awesome of holidays. So if you still haven’t come up with anything, no fear! I’ve got you covered.

1. Rubiks Cube. (Add your friends to the fun! Be a pair of dice, a rubics cube, and a dominoes set!)
-Find giant cardboard box and spray-paint black
-Cut arm/neck/leg holes from appropriate sides
-Attach 9 appropriately colored construction paper squares to each side
-(optional) Adorn with hipster glasses and put on your best pair of leggings (you too, boys)

2. Your favorite song lyrics
“Just another brick in the wall” (wear a large flat cardboard wall, paint a fake brick wall over it, cut a hole for your face)
“yellow submarine” (fashion a yellow submarine out of cardboard)
Maybe just look through your iTunes for inspiration.

3. Edward Scissor hands
Wear black. Color face pasty-pale white. Use lots of black-ish-stuff around your eyes. Put (once again) silver spray painted “scissors” all over your hands.

4. Ice queen
WHOOO! If you actually wanna look half-decent this Halloween, ice queen can be a good alternative. It still allows you to go crazy with glitter and face paint (if that’s your thing), but just put on as much white, ballet-like things as you can and it will work out!

5. The iPod man
Take neon poster from the nearest craft store, wear all black, and attach the poster behind you as a wall. Wear white head phones and carry your iPod. Voila!

not to mention, now you have an excuse to ROCK OUT Halloween night

6. Serial Killer
This has to be one of my favorites. Just take as many cereal boxes as possible and pile them all over your body in a disorderly fashion. When people ask you what you are, make sure not to smile, laugh or act normal, just tell them in a low tone…hopefully they’ll laugh and you can act normal again. If not, sorry…

7. BIRD!!!!
Wear bright colors. Glue as many feathers to your body/clothes as possible. Take the top part of an umbrella, and, using bolt cutters, sever from the handle. This way you can cut the umbrella in half and use each side to make wings that connect from body to arms. Also feel free to adorn with GLITTER!! (whoo!)

8. Pac Man
This is great because you can do it in a group. Just wear black tights, leotard, and a BIG CARDBOARD CUT OUT OF PAC MAN PLAYERS. Run around and try to catch each other (slash cause havoc and knock things over)

Ice cream cone? (Yellow tights from American apparel plus trash bag spray painted pink with balloons stuffed inside)
Lasagna? (Yes please. Also make out of cardboard I’d say.)
Grapes (Purple balloons and a green hat/green tights)

10. Alice in Wonderland
While Disney costumes are often overdone, this movie has SO many opportunities. Someone goes as a playing card, someone else goes as Alice, someone get’s to be the cheshire cat, and also the mad hatter! I always like the ones where I can dress up in a group with my friends :)

Hope that helped! Now go to your nearest craft store and prosper!


P.S. I’m totally being #7 this year