A Thursday Groove

I tried for a year and a half to embed the actual video here, but to no avail. Alas, you must click this hyperlink: http://rapfix.mtv.com/2011/10/11/eminem-slaughterhouse-and-yelawolf-bet-cypher/

So low tech… I know, but please indulge me.

Although this is not a typical club-banger, dorm-shaker, or panty-dropper (all of which usually grace the halls and basements of college dorms on the weekends) there is something great about just listening to what these rappers have to say.  Eminem is the man, obviously, and Yelawolf and the others actually may outshine him in their verses.  It’s too close to call.

The beat is simple but stands up to the aggressive stylings of the group.  I entreat you to simply relax and pay careful attention to the fire that is spit.  Then replay it and reaaally listen hard, take in the genius.

I am in no way an  authority on music and I listen to everything (great and terrible alike).  Tonight, I was in the mood for some no-nonsense hip-hip poetry.  I think this fits the bill.  Look for big things from Shady Records in the future.

*p.s. I saw Yelawolf in concert when he opened for Wiz Khalifa and it was ….interesting.  He performed several songs, the only title I can recall was “lick the cat.” It was about EXACTLY what you think it was about….. Glad to see he’s grown up in the past few years.