Gimme a Break!

As the mornings grow colder and the papers grow longer, it is a sure sign that the Fall Semester here at Amherst College is in full-swing.  The rain, cold temps, and increased workload insure me that the honeymoon period with the beginning of senior year is officially over.  Time to get my ass in gear and take this year head on.

It seems like just yesterday I was driving up to Amherst in my car and I could still wear a t-shirt without seriously compromising my internal body temperature.  Now, it seems as if the cold is inescapable, especially early in the morning on my way to class.  “Oh, Hello, breath… haven’t seen you in a while.”

Just when the papers and the  early onset of S.A.D. (and accompanying vitamin D deficiency) can be too much for a homie to take, a promise of a paper free, warm long weekend comes along to save the day!!!  ITS FALL BREAK THIS WEEKEND!!!

For my break this year I will be returning to my home state of Virginia.  I plan to eat well, sleep often, and chill hard.

Nip-Slip on the state seal...You know Virginia is the shit.

I am not so much excited to get out of Amherst (I love it here despite the cold weather and average food) as I am to just have a brief change of scenery.  Also, I am a huge Mamma’s boy so I can’t wait to hang out with my mommy… she’s the best.

But really what fall break does for me is give me some critical distance from Amherst (work, social life, etc..) that allows me to appreciate it that much more upon my return. I am a firm believer that absence makes the heart grow fonder.  This is especially true, I think, for the so-called ‘little things in life’ or the simple pleasures that may otherwise elude our attention.

*This sentiment may remind you of “simple Pleasures” that one of my fabulous colleagues posted just a short two days ago.  I assure you this post is absolutely inspired by the reading and internalization of her post.  A cop-out on my part to ‘borrow’ content for my own post? I think not.  This is just something that deeply resonated with me and was put into perspective by the upcoming break from the Amherst “scene.”

There really are a lot of simple joys and many uncomplicated pleasures associated with this place for me.  Most, for me personally, are built around my closest friends here at the college who always raise my spirits regardless of climate or workload.

Even though break has not even happened yet, I am excited for the mini-reunion that will ensue after we all come back to campus Tuesday and resume life as usual.  Stories exchanged, laughs shared, and perhaps even drinks imbibed.

Every time we all get back together after even a short break from eachother’s company, I am reminded just how F*%^ing awesome we all are.