Putin Barbie Hits the Market

We all knew this was coming–earlier this week Dmitry Medvedev announced that he and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin would be switching places in 2012. Putin will be running for the 6-year presidency next year for United Russia (the only party, really), and Medvedev for the parliamentary chair. This is bad news for Russia, bad news for America, but most of all this is bad news for the young talent in Moscow and St. Petersburg that feel it is time to get the hell out.

What I found especially interesting about the video above was Putin Barbie–where can I get one!?

So rugged, even in plaster.


Oh how I struggled to present you with the Russian Version of this very revealing video, but it is more important to understand what is going on here:

If these girls are fawning over the former KGB director and angel of Beslan, why are some ready to get the hell out? Because I am a B- PoliSci student, I will leave it to Mark Adomanis of Forbes magazine to explain why this is a bad move for Russia. Putin is a bad guy who has done a lot of bad things–really, the KGB should be an automatic disqualification.


I checked out the website for пора–валить, the society of disgruntled young intellectuals mentioned in the first news clip. http://pora-valit.livejournal.com/. It is a very depressing view–they post multiple times daily, and all articles are about being disgruntled, wanting to leave Russia, and dreaming of places that are much, much better. This cartoon sums up the general feel of the site:

Yay for Freedom!