Spring Concert Contenders: Kreayshawn

This is the first in a recurring series where I highlight people who should/could do the Amherst spring concert.


  • Kreayshawn should do the spring concert because everyone likes her. Here are some of the people who like Kreayshawn: bros on the triangle, stoners from Marsh and Garman, the Amherst College Men’s and Women’s Frisbee Teams (trendsetters), people who sigh “if only” at the Adderall line. Kreayshawn crosses over genres, creeds to appeal to something within everyone at Amherst: not dressing in acceptably fashionable brands.

Fendi Fendi

  • I have from good sources that Kreayshawn is bonkers live. Artists at Amherst will all inevitably face the extreme inertia that is LeFrac’s acceptability as a concert venue. Honestly if Gucci Gucci doesn’t sound good in spacious echo, I don’t know what song would.
  • I don’t think Kreayshawn will blow up enough in the next year to the point that she charges higher than the AAS can pay. She’s just not good enough. Have you heard her mixtape? It is an ugly listen.

Kittys x Choppas

  • Our party scene could use more Hampshire kids.


PS I Googled Kreayshawn to help research this post and the first five links all were colored purple, aka the ‘clicked on recently’ color. I do not make the best decisions about what to browse on the internet.