“I leaned on the wall and the wall leaned away…”

I believe in знаки. I even let signs and omens decide my fate. While driving around Hadley last weekend in a fit of inner turmoil about whether to quit swimming or push through for the rest of the year despite my aversion to such a decision, I ran a stop sign at 40 miles an hour and caused great stress to myself and my alarmed passenger. I took this as evidence enough that it might not be a great idea to ignore my internal red hexagon. A few hours later, when making the more lighthearted but equally imperative decision about whether to attend the Aiderondack Balloon Festival this weekend in Glens Falls, NY, we watched as a bright red hot air balloon rose above the trees near a quiet and rather unpopulated section of highway in North Amherst. Now what are the odds of that?

The following video is a result of three aimless searches that had nothing to do with bunnies or violence. I was not consciously searching for something that screamed ‘BLOG THIS, BUNNIESARENOM!”, so it must have been an act of some higher being.

“Out of a Forest” is a stop-motion fantastical journey following a doomed, long-earned protagonist who ultimately finds himself rather displaced from reality… The title of this post comes from the song to which the video is set: “Slow Show” by The National (my new fave!). The technical skill of Dutch director Tobias Gundorff Boesen is obvious when one considers that these sequences were filmed using life-sized models in a real forest at night. My version would include much more blood, but I admire his creative vision. I only hope that someday I can show the world what rabbits really are, as Boesen suggests—nefarious, evil, bourgeoisie creatures of the night.

But really–this couldn’t be a more perfect video for me. Thank you benevolent creator for sensing my needs and wants from the firmament, and for shining truth and artistic inspiration on this dismal, rainy day. Keep the signs coming, I couldn’t live my life in any other way.



* Thank you The Inquisitor for the feature image! (http://www.inquisitr.com/62959/out-of-a-forest-dbp/)