Life is an Annoying Imposition on my Life

Top feelings I have when school begins every fall:

#1 – How is it possible to have so much reading?
#2 – Everything would be okay if I had 30 hours in a day instead of 24.
#3 – How does the 12:00 lunch line even get that long?
#4 – How will I ever incorporate a varsity sport into this schedule?

#5 – Why can’t life leave me alone?

I don't even have time to train my pet lion to do anything but cover his eyes and pee on my floor!

But seriously. I love everything that I invest in, and I sincerely love all of the amazing people in my life. But sometimes…. I just want to chuck my phone at a wall and BREATHE for a little while. I had a professor ask me the other day, “When was the last time you just sat by yourself and thought?”. His goal was to highlight the influence and pervasiveness of technology in our lives, but it got me thinking about how little time I have to just do…. whatever. Meaningless stuff. Unimportant stuff – stuff that has no chance of making me a better student/athlete/friend/daughter or securing a better future.

And to that end I say (kindly of course), Leave me alone sometimes, life.

This kind of alone. Leave me alone and happy rolling in the grass somewhere

Here are some more cover songs. Perfectly chill and perfect for listening to during that rare time when you have absolutely nothing else to do.

Love always,