We Be Burnin’

First of all, if you don’t get that Sean Paul reference in the title of my post, here is a little refresher:

Some of the most delicately crafted lyrics from one of our time’s finest musical minds, don’t you think?

Anyways, what I am actually referring to with my title is the large blaze I built in my backyard today around dinner time.  All over Alexandria VA, where we were ravaged by Irene’s winds, there is a shit ton of tree shrapnel.  I mean everything from twigs to logs to straight up whole trees are just chillin’ on the ground.

Yesterday, as my industrious and responsible neighbors were out assessing damages and clearing their property, I was sitting on my ass.  So today I realized I have to clean this stuff up or else I will be fined by the city…

Um, What?

I didn’t put it there but I have to go chop this stuff up into conveniently-sized pieces then pay some dude to come haul it away? Or else you’re CHARGING ME? that makes about as much sense as Nicki Minaj’s outfit at the VMAs last night…..


But I digress. I just wasn’t feelin’ any of these wack city regulations so I decided to stick it to the man the only way I knew how—light shit on fire!

Well, I don’t mean serial arsenal of course, but I did put all that oak wood in my backyard to use in a much more creative way: I used it to grill my dinner!

Saving money on charcoal and haul-away costs was killing two birds with one stone.  Plus oak grilled food is downright tasty.

I had to grill some onions of course because I had just got some sweet Vidalias from the market on Saturday.


Also from the market,  a freshly picked beefsteak tomato.



My mom surprised me with a little steak in the fridge so obviously we had to eat that… I heart beef.

Not a bad looking plate if I do say so myself!

Wishing you love, peace, and expertly grilled food –