Under Cover

Welcome to my newest obsession – musical covers. I can’t explain why I (we?) love them so much, but there is something so thrilling about hearing lyrics you know sung in a different tune, at a new pace, and with new meanings. I’ve been gobbling up information about covers from every source I can find – 8tracks playlists, blogs (there are a ton of really awesome ones like http://www.covermesongs.com), and word of mouth. Covers are the perfect interplay between artists. They are a back and forth of mutual respect between artists, and to me they are the most interesting kind of musical conversation.

Now this first brave attempt at tackling covers may put some of our more fashionable shebomb writers up in arms. This is because of Bold statement #1 – I am not a huge fan of the rap and hip hop genre. I don’t have any problem with it – I completely respect it as a type of musical expression. In fact, I often wish I was cool enough to like it, but my nerdiness always wins out. In all honesty, when I want to listen to music to feel something, its never my top choice. Bold statement #2 – here is my new 8tracks playlist that I made with only covers of well knownn hip hop, rap, and R&B songs. I think its pretty neat, and hearing some of the songs sung acoustically gives them a whole new feel.

Don’t worry, there are MANY more covers where that playlist came from. I spent approximately 2 hours just downloading different covers off the internet tonight. Waste of time? Nahhhhhh.