8 Non-Work Things to Do at Work

While I love my internship, it consists of a lot of down time between projects, meetings, assignments, etc. During those long lulls of time when the AC is buzzzzzzzzing, Tim, my uber-serious Canadian co-intern is furiously hammering away on his keyboard, my stomach is begging me for a little snack, and the faucet five feet away is rhythmically splashing fat droplets to the backdrop of eerie white noise, I feel like my sanity is escaping me like a vaporous cloud. I learned early on that it was absolutely crucial that I find ways of occupying myself, other than taking long strolls to the potty, or else I would likely keel over and die of boredom.

Some of the more dedicated interns may go the extra mile during these periods of downtime and do…well, I have no idea what that intern would do because I’m not one of them. Nope. I brush-up on my pop-culture education.

So here it is, a list of my eight favorite things to do at work when I’m not doing work. I hope you enjoy it, and perhaps the next time you are ready to jump on your desk and scream like a feral mother chimpanzee whose babe has been abducted by a bandit of poachers, you can use it for your entertainment.

So close to pulling this shit.

Dre’s Top 8 Favorite Non-Work Things to Do at Work:

1) KoreAm Journal

Korean pride, woooo! I love this website because I am able to get a taste of the vibrant Korean American culture that I have yet to really be a part of. Korean chicks are hot, Korean dudes can rap, and our food is the best in the world.

Check out the new PBS series, “The Kimchi Chronicles” that follows the half-Korean, half-African American adoptee, Marja Vongerichten, visit and explore her cultural flavors rooted in Korean cuisine.

2) Wikipedia fun celebrity facts!

Seriously, Wiki whichever celeb you are curious about at the moment and you’ll find a wealth of interesting, entertaining facts. Did you know that West Coast, gangsta rapper Ice Cube is married with 4 kids, and is Muslim? Jane Fonda is a political activist with feminist ideals. K-Fed met his most current girlfriend, Victoria Prince, on their bowling team, The Animals.

K-Fed, you were totally better off with Britney.

3) Add new songs to my youtube playlist.

If you take the time to go through time to give it a listen, it’s pretty clear that I go through a strange range of emotions on any given day in the office.

4) Blu’s Tumblr Page

Sigh, I think I am actually in love with Blu. Definitely download his “Angels Mixtape”…super mellow and sexy. Here’s a track off of it to give you an idea of its feel.

5) FLAVORWIRE…mmmmmmm….

I particularly love their “Ten” lists where they they make wacky yet, at times, correct pop-culture connections. My favorite article is still “Famous Rappers and Their 20th-Century Literary Counterparts”. In fact, their Biggie to William Faulkner pairing inspired me to pick up
Wild Palms
an amazing piece of literature. Thanks Flavorwire!

6) She-bomb (duh).


Favorite finds of the past couple weeks include Kelly Rowland’s “Feelin’ Me Right Now”(talk about real female empowerment!…be sure to check out her new album dropping on July 26th), Nikki Jean’s “Million Star Motel”, and Pollyn’s new video to “How Small We Are.”

Kelly, so hot right now.

8) Colorlines.com

The brainchild of hip-hop journalist Jeff Chang, “Colorlines.com is produced by a multiracial team of writers whose daily reporting and analysis serves as a leading voice on a broad range of issues including politics, immigration reform, the economy and jobs. We cover pop culture and Capitol Hill with equal zeal, and we offer readers the opportunity to take action on these issues through our Action channel.”

Miss Dre