Reminds Me Of…..

Say what you want about me and my ever-increasing addiction to television, I will write another post about it and there is nothing that you can do about it! I am determined to put the brain space I’ve “wasted” on television to good use and prove to the world that it is not unhealthy to expect each day in your life to end with a song and a nutshell voice-over. I started this post trying to make a giant map of television, but the task quickly proved to be over my head both in scope and in magnitude. Especially because I was trying to write it on the back of a journal article on beta-amyloid fiber formation while my boss fiddled with a machine 20 feet away from me. (I’m just kidding I was banned to the corner because I wasn’t allowed to touch this particular machine)

If you were on his right you would see that he was just drawing a picture of a cyclops

But what I did come up with, however, is only related to television fashion and lack there of. From my everyday experiences on public transportation, I’ve taken to observing the fashion trends of real people and (obviously) likening them to television characters. Hand picked from my “least favorites” list, here are the fashion choices that continue to appall me, along with the TV icon reference the choice evokes:

1. Crocs as legitimate shoes = KIMMY GIBLER

As an unrelated side note, I still wish I could marry uncle Jesse.

2. Clothes with writing/letters as the “pattern” detailing = The NANNY

Don't act so surprised, we know, its horrible.

3. Capri-length dress pants = STEVE URKEL

4. Maxi dresses that are not long enough = TOPANGA

5. My ALL TIME fashion enemy (I don’t care how many fashion magazines say that this style is do-able.) DOUBLE. DENIM. = Every 80’s and 90’s sitcom star, including even the beautiful Zack Morris

GoodNIGHT to you!