Songs for Shebloggers, Kanye Style

My fellow summer interns out there understand how a good playlist can help you get through the nine to five cubicle grind. This week I’ve been on a Kanye kick, so following suit of BKFlameBroiled’s recent post, “Songs for Shebombers,” I’ve decided to dedicate a song by Mr. West to each of my favorite bloggers on the interweb.

But before I begin the shoutouts, I should preface this post with a brief explanation of why I would include Kanye West’s sexist (borderline misogynistic) musical canon on a blog dedicated to female empowerment. I grew up on Kanye’s music. I clearly remember the first time I heard The College Dropout—I was in the backseat of my mom’s car and my brother’s friend popped in the CD. Needless to say, after Cedric the Entertainer’s hilarious “Intro,” it was love at first sound with the sarcastic, I don’t give a f*** vibe of “We Don’t Care.” From that day on my brother and I had a Kanye album playing in the car every morning on our commute to school. The rest is history. His beats are original and catchy, and if you can get past his giant ego, he actually has some astute—dare I say profound—things to say.

I also find his somewhat megalomaniacal celebrity persona both hilarious and intriguing. Whose jaw didn’t drop when he “crashed” Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video during the 2009 VMAs? Yes, I did cringe at his blatant disregard for any sort of social tact, and my heart did go out to sweet teeny-bopper’s naïve confusion …but I am not going to say that he didn’t have a point. Beyonce did have one of the best videos of all time. Same goes for his infamous line, “Bush doesn’t care for black people.” In sum, I don’t necessarily approve of or agree with Kanye West or what he represents, but I do love his music.

And now I send my love to the resident shebomb bloggers à la the Louis Vuitton Don.

BTphonehome is a solid girl and a solid friend. She always has my back, she’ll never let me down. I think J. Ivy’s verses especially captures her spirit.

BKflamebroiled is one of the few Amherst students who has decided to study abroad her senior year!! Brave? Yes. “So let’s hear it for our heroine/ Applaud as our spirits fly into the never end.”

BunniesAreNom. Laid back. Zen. Sage.

BoozinSloozin (who is officially legally BoozinSloozin, Happy 21st!) drives VERY slowly.

proudpantaloons—more of a dedication than a description. But yeah, let’s have a toast for the douchebags.

Can’t say I know YourIdol personally, but he is definitely SheBomb’s CHAMPION blogger.

JuJuBean is actually Korean. “And act like everything fine and if it isn’t/We ain’t lettin’ everybody in our family business

And finally, for those would-be, could-be, soon-to-be, or current Kanye fans out there, here’s some fun stuff to check out:

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