Songs for sheBLOGGERS

Every summer I make the trek home in my good little Honda Accord. It’s 10 quality hours of trying to find things to think about. In those ten hours I listened to a lot of country music, and determined a song for each of my fellow bloggers, as a thank you, and decided to post them this week :) you’re all the best!!!!!

JuJuBean– this was so easy. Zac Brown Band (Plus country super star Alan Jackson) has one of the most beautiful songs that sounds just like your interpretation of Gold Panda’s song “You.” Two people see each other in the street and fall in love, but they never have the words between them, only “You.” Same elegance in a different form. Here it is, Zac Brown Band featuring Alan Jackson in “As she’s walking away.”

proudpantaloons– Joe Nichols “tequila makes her clothes fall off.” There’s no way you didn’t directly inspire this song. “She can handle any champagne brunch/A bridal shower with Bacardi punch/Jello shooters full of Smirnoff/But Tequila makes her clothes fall off.” Girl’s immune to alcohol but I must say tequila is something else. Please forgive the awful music video, don’t know what Joe Nichols was thinking…

BTphonehome– also easy. I know that you LOVE this song SO much, so I figured what better way to thank you than include it here (sorry for the horrible video, but it wouldn’t embed otherwise)

MissDre– Toby Keith “I’ll never smoke weed with Willie again” I’m Toby. I’ll let you guess who Andrea is.

YourIdol– Alan Jackson “Gone Country” I see you in a fringe jacket some time soon. Or at least those overalls at the beginning.

BunniesAreNom– Dixie Chicks “Goodbye Earl” both you and this song get really kooky really fast. that’s what makes you and the song so much fun :) “Earl had to die/Goodbye Earl/We need a break/Let’s go out to the lake Earl/We’ll pack a lunch/And stuff you in the trunk Earl” Also, recognize Wanda from 30 Rock?!

BoozinSloozin– You are literally the only Jew I know who loves Christmas so much. It’s adorable. Thus, the choice was obvious: Elmo & Patsy “Grandma got runover by a reindeer” I included the REMIX!