Cross culture with user-made videos and what do you get?

So I figured out how to embed vimeo vids! This is great news for you lucky patrons of the arts, who should definitely tap into this resource is you are interested in well-crafted, user-made videos. My father, a renowned graphic designer from the good ole’ FL, spends half of his day diligently (and sweatily, I might add) at work, and half of the day finding sweet videos from this HD haven to send to his children.

Vimeo is my video-browsing site of choice, particularly because it a) allows the upload of user-made videos ONLY (this means no adds or commercials), b) was the first source of its kind to promote consumer HD, and c) offers an impressive and intellectually appealing “videos we like” section. Don’t get me wrong, I am a Youtube enthusiast, but Youtube’s top recommended video, the infamous chubby cupcake boy, just doesn’t compare to this fashion video from Iceland:

While I wont say that I really ‘get’ the Icelandic video, it is probably the first video produced in Iceland that I have ever seen, and I wont forget it any time soon. Vimeo is known for its universality and multiculturalism, something that simply is not supported with Youtube. I don’t want to get too existential, but when I browse Vimeo I feel like I am browsing the world, and really feeling the power of globalism, technology, and cross-culturalism. So, next time you are bored and sick of watching one PETA video after another about KFC or puppy mills on Youtube (or searching “killer whale attacks trainer” to its fullest fullness–trust me there isn’t anything juicy), hit up Vimeo. I guarantee that within 30 seconds you will find something worth watching. Like this jewel from Polynoid: