Fashion Spotlight: Sean Doocy

This week’s fashion spotlight goes to senior Sean Doocy–not only a Frisbee stud but also a (recent) member of Phi Beta Kappa (congratulations!)

After talking to him, it was clear how much Sean’s love of fashion has developed over time. It became very clear that Doocy’s “all guys catholic school,” where he had to wear a tie every day, built his tie collection. “I learned to tie a tie, and I was pretty proud of that. So I didn’t have to keep it tied and put it over like a noose, as a lot of my friends did.” He told me (laughing self-deprecatingly) “yeah I learned how to match and occasionally change from the same blue oxford shirt.”

Since his preppy high school roots, Doocy’s grown a little more daring with his style. When I interviewed him he was wearing classic “nantucket red” pants, but rather than khakis, they were jeans, which Sean had roughly cuffed at the bottom. The unexpected and subtle mix of a signature preppy color and a more casual and individualistic flair sums up Doocy’s style. Sean seems to stand at the cross-roads between hipster and preppy. I think it’s the mix that makes Doocy’s style so great.

sharing a favorite tie, per our request...
Take Doocy’s tie for instance. Although this is a very conservative pattern (hunter green and navy blue plaid), the faded cotton fabric makes this tie special. It adds an unexpected texture that really makes Sean’s fashion noteworthy.

So snaps to Sean, for his academic achievements, and also for the fashion legacy he leaves behind here. I think many of us try to walk the line between relaxed and preppy, but Sean has managed to weave some really interesting highlights into his outfits, while always keeping it subtle. Sean’s appreciation of small details allow him to walk the line between hipster and prepster in a way that’s entirely his own. CONGRATS ON GRADUATION! :)