Somewhere between sixties housewife and riot girl

This week’s fashion spotlight goes to senior Ashley Hogan, a woman who has more than earned this honor. Her style is very much her own– somewhere between “sixties housewife and riot girl” as she told us.

Ashley can always be found in her signature vintage styles. It’s in previous decades that she finds traditional silhouettes, but the way that she pairs items from different fashion periods adds an extra flair–signature Ashley. Her love of vintage clothing, however, is clearly more than a fad obsession. “I pretty much only shop at thrift stores, because it’s mad crazy cheap and also because it has a cool story to it, you can find notes.” Although these clothes may individually bear someone else’s story, Ashley looks 100% her own every time you see her on campus.

She’s not afraid to wear an out-dated silhouette or more unique piece. In fact, that was her suggestion for those of us new to vintage shopping: “be willing to try the stuff that looks weird or hideous on the rack.” She also suggests that you only go if you’re willing to dedicate the day–oh, but make sure to beat the “annoying fifteen year olds at half off Wednesdays who just buy all the ‘ironic’ t-shirts.” Ashley’s confidence and willingness to try new styles flows directly from her personality. You can see her entire self pervade each outfit–which is pretty amazing considering she’s almost always wearing someone else’s clothes.

The fluidity between styles and eras clearly comes naturally to Ashley; she just seems to drift from one fashion era to another as it pleases her. “I’m fickle about my clothing.” It’s precisely the desire to explore uncanny juxtapositions that makes Ashley’s style work. The “pristine” high waists, full skirts, and long dresses never look out of place against Ashley’s tattoos and boldly styled hair. In fact, they never looked better!

With regard to salvo–“I draw the line at underwear.” Ashley’s got fashion courage, and when we asked her what she would like to see from the Amherst fashion scene, she replied that people should simply try more. While most of us may never have the guts to “draw the line” as far as Ashley does, watching her simplicity and ease in some of the most daring and dynamic outfits this campus sees certainly makes me want to push my own salvo limits.

panties in aisle three, anyone?

-Words by BK, Photos by Dre-