Fashion Spotlight

Sophomore Amina Taylor’s style is an effortless blend of classic and edgy that matches her bubbly yet collected personality to a tee. Her top shopping destinations include Urban Outfitters, Northampton’s hipster-chic Faces, and Forever 21. You can catch this fashionista matching a feminine dress with a pair of trendy, spunky neon-tights, lace, leopard, you name it and she’s got it! For Amina, fashion is a way to celebrate the aspects of her body that she loves: “I love my curves!” Accordingly, the ultimate fashion faux pas is wearing something that you don’t feel comfortable in: “I hate it when I see girls adjusting their clothes all the time, because then you know they feel uncomfortable in whatever they wearing.”

And here’s a little fashion secret from She-Bomb’s first fashion spotlight of the week: it’s totally worth it to spend a little extra cash on an accent piece that you know you can match with other things. The Urban Outfitter’s navy blazer that she’s photographed wearing is a perfect example: “I spent a little extra money on it, but I wear it all the time!” In this effortlessly trendy outfit, Amina matches a structured navy blazer with a feminine white, lacey top. These top pieces along with her cropped jeans and leather gladiator sandals create an outfit that is a perfect example of Amina’s stylish confidence.