Meet ’em: the fashion experts

So, this week’s fashion spotlight goes to our very own fashion experts. MissDre and JBRdrinksPBR, two Amherst college juniors.

all in the details
MissDre’s fashion flows freely from her personality. She’s easy-going, but always has a sharp taste of spunk; likewise, she wears dark colors to keep it subtle, but her accessories are always bold–with an attention to detail that makes her outfits so interesting. “Matching each individual piece isn’t important, but I try to find unity in the whole outfit. Haha doesn’t make much sense,” but it does! It’s an unexpected bracelet or funky pair of shoes that make her style so special. Dre’s eleven (!!!) piercings leave lots of room for playing with different styles and accessories, she keeps them fairly constant to grow a “dre” look. For instance, I know I’ll always see the classic nose ring she rocks and the gold safety pin secured in her ear. Her bracelets are another mixture of constant and change. She wears about three inches of bracelets, beads, hello kitty, a watch, you name it! Some stay, others change, but it always has signature Dre flair!

Her lipstick is another key detail to her “over all” fashionable-ness. “I’m down for anything from matte reds to shiny pinks” she says, and she wears it with a confidence that really pulls it off. I don’t know anyone that dares to make so many risks with the details! Risking the accessories gives Dre an overall relaxed vibe with a touch of edgy-ness that simply works.

Asking her about her style she answered “I think you could describe my style better,” but she summed it up really well when she told me, “it’s a mix of everything–a little hipster, a little classic, a little boyish, a little girly. If I wear a lacy, feminine dress and a bow I’ll pair it with a pair of leather ankle lace up boots and a military jacket.” Dre is a master of the Frye boots and dress, or pretty patent flats with a structured jacket or pants.

rocking relaxed--all in the details
JBR is comparably forward looking with equal attention to detail, but he’s got an extra dose of funky in his wardrobe. You can count on him for bright sunglasses or a quirky bandana, but he always pairs that with his classic and well trimmed haircut, the signature (both sides) diamond (cubic zirconium?) earrings. I don’t know what they’re made of but they always look fresh! Above all of these details, JBR is the master of sneakers. Nike? yes. Colors? yes. Classic? always. They’re pictured off to the side in his fashion spotlight, but take a look around campus, you’ll see he always pairs his outfits with just the right shoes. And it’s the introduction of the right sneakers that add an element of fun to his classic outfits. Oh, and I know it’s a little late in the season for you to spot them, but have I mentioned his snow boots? A practical statement piece, sometimes paired in an unexpected way, but JBR always pulls it off by keeping the overall feel of his outfit together.

I mentioned the bandana, but I haven’t touched on JBR’s hat. I don’t know where he gets them all, but they’re yet another touch that turns a relaxed t-shirt and dark-wash jeans into a dynamic and interesting outfit–perfectly suited for the college life.

sheBOMB’s man-master of style knows how to dress for more than just play, too. JBR wears a suit like most college student’s can’t. They’re always careful to the details, but the details (like earrings mentioned before) and bright color choices keep him looking fashionable and unique, rather than blending in as another guy in a suit. If try to find your way through the wall of cute-ness, you’ll see JBR mixes light pinstripes with a small patterned tie, tough to pull off, but when both are subtle enough and the colors play off each other, IT WORKS! :)

oh, and, one more, I couldn’t resist!